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Thank you for your prompt feedback! Just for your information, I will also use them for commercial projects :) (forgot to mention below). Just let me know if there's any problem.

Kind Regards,


No, it isn't. Go ahead Paul.
Just one thing... i would love to see your game when it is finished. Can you let me know when it's done? :)

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Hi there, I have recently purchased from your great looking hit and slash animations. May I ask if I can re-use them on multiple projects and make changes to them in-order to fit the style of my game? Or if credit is required? 

I have also downloaded your free explosion animations, not sure if it is OK to share these free animations to others (or treat as under CC0 license)?

Many Thanks!

Question 1.
Sure, re-use it in your projects. Make changes if you want. If you got the chance, mention us :D ... although is not necesary :)

Question 2.
About the free animations. Sure, share them if you want. And yes, treat them as under CC0.

Good luck with your games my man! :>