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What is the licence for your animations? Can I use them in a commercial game?


Wow these are beautifully done -- thanks a bunch! Keep on the good work

Hello. I really like these. They are clean and work well for me. Only downside is, I use them for RPG Maker MV and they are not formated for that. Wrong resolution, wrong number of columns. So I have to edit eveyry one of them. Would you consider editing them? Or would you like my edited versions to include in your pack for ease of use of next customers?

Ohhh. Well can you tell me more about that specific format?
I focus almost exclusively on Unity. I don't really know much about RPG Maker for example.
That way I can start using that format in the future.

5 columns, any number of rows. Cell resolution 192x192.

I have finished reformating this pack for the RPG Maker MV. Do you want it?

Hello, very nice work. Question: in this pack and others, you have nice "attack" (slash/claw) animations that go along with the "explosion" part. Would there be any way for me to separate those "attack" parts from the "explosion" parts so I could use them just for attacks that don't hit their target?

Ohh I see..
No, the claw/slash animation and the "impact" animation are not separate.
Basically I'll have to make a new one in which they are :(
And that could take some time.
So, at the moment, no, you can't separate them, it's one animation my man.

No worries, thank you for the quick reply :) 

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No, it isn't. Go ahead Paul.
Just one thing... i would love to see your game when it is finished. Can you let me know when it's done? :)

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Question 1.
Sure, re-use it in your projects. Make changes if you want. If you got the chance, mention us :D ... although is not necesary :)

Question 2.
About the free animations. Sure, share them if you want. And yes, treat them as under CC0.

Good luck with your games my man! :>